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2004 AJJF Convention

Those that went to the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation's annual convention held in Sacramento, CA had a great time. Thanks to the sponsoring dojo for holding an enjoyable get together. Words of note from Medford Judo's participation:

Here are some pictures we took.

Professor Jenkins (Shichidan) leading a class through fun exercises

Professor Fisher (Judan) addressing everyone during the banquet

Professor Lane (Rokudan) teaching grappling techniques

Sensei Mckean (Yodan) making a student very unhappy

Sensei Mckean receiving a great honor during the banquet (see above)

Even between classes Sensei Keene (Sandan) finds time to study study study

Professor Musselman (Shichidan) letting one of his students demonstrate a technique

Professor Nolte (Rokudan) and others resting and enjoying the great weather

Sensei Shehorn (Godan) demonstrating a difficult submission hold

The secret to Sensei Shehorn's sucess